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Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator

LaserLinc’s monitoring and control solutions typically provide a return on investment in one or more of the following ways:

Save Material

For many products, material savings can be achieved by reducing the diameter or material thickness. Optimizing the process in this way requires constant attention. LaserLinc’s monitoring and control systems provide the real-time measurement and statistics necessary. Process capability must be such that a shift in the process mean still yields product within specifications. The Profit Maximizer™ feature of the Total Vu™ control module optimizes the process automatically.

To calculate your savings, try our on-line return on investment (ROI) calculator.

Improve Quality

It is difficult to improve quality without in-process inspection. LaserLinc’s systems provide real-time measurements, trending, closed-loop control, and process improvement tools—all contribute to more consistent product quality. LaserLinc’s Total Vu software also has the tools to document the results.

Reduce Scrap

Scrap reduction can be achieved a number of ways:

With in-process inspection, operators get immediate feedback about product quality. Delays waiting for product to get to the end of the production line, cutting and preparing samples, and manually measuring them are eliminated. Adjustment cycles are shortened and product is on-size quickly.

In-process inspection and trending provides the operator a means to predict and correct for process drift before it becomes a problem. The Total Vu control module does the same thing automatically.

Maximize Production Efficiency

Production efficiencies can be had through faster start-up times, higher line speeds, and reduced labor costs. With in-process inspection and automatic control of process variables to maintain product size, you can have the confidence to maximize output without sacrificing quality.

Process Improvement

Process improvement can lead to higher quality, faster production, material savings, and less downtime. The Total Vu platform provides many tools to aide process improvement efforts. Read more here.

Inspection and Documentation

In some cases, manufacturers are forced to use inspection systems in order to document product quality. Without proof of quality, some customers simply will not accept delivery of your product. Avoid the problem and use in-process inspection to keep those existing customers, gain market share, or potentially receive a premium for higher quality product. LaserLinc’s in-process gauging and powerful reporting tools meet your customers' exacting demands.