UltraPipe™ Ultrasonic Pipe Measurement System

In-Process Pipe Wall Measurement

Adding to the success of the UltraGauge+™ ultrasonic measurement system, LaserLinc offers the UltraPipe™, for in-process ultrasonic wall measurement of PVC, CPVC and other rigid pipes.

Ultrasonic technology is ideal for rigid pipe applications. The UltraPipe fits into any pipe extrusion process as a self-contained, free-standing system. Ultrasonic transducers mounted on pneumatic arms rotate around the pipe to inspect 360 degrees, providing vital measurements that include minimum, maximum, and average wall thickness.

You can also integrate one of LaserLinc’s full line of laser micrometers for complete in-line ID/OD/Wall measurement.

With a return on investment measured in weeks, not years, the UltraPipe can start saving you money today. One hundred percent in-line wall thickness measurement means you can save material by controlling to a minimum wall specification. If quality is your key concern, then one hundred percent in-line ID/OD/Wall measurement will help keep you from exceeding specification limits. Advanced I/O capabilities make sorting good and bad product a reality.

LaserLinc’s Total Vu™ software provides a dynamic interface with customizable graphical displays. Collect and store measurement and SPC data, view live trend charts, x-bar/range charts, histograms, and keep your product in spec with feedback control loops—whatever your needs, Total Vu puts you in command of your process.

Total Vu offers a variety of ways to document quality, including SPC report, flaw report (lumps and neckdowns or thin spots), logging of measurement data to standard .CSV file format, and customizable, automated reports with user-created Microsoft Excel templates. Excel-based reporting allows creation of any report you need to fit any Windows-based printer. Excel files are also saved to disk.

Step up to the next generation of measurement and control solutions for your pipe process and start saving money today! Call your LaserLinc representative to find out more.

UltraPipe Features

The Cross Section window showing the inside surface contour of the product and the location of the transducers as they move..

With outside diameters from .5" to 12" (13mm to 305mm) and wall thickness range of .030" to 1.0" (.762mm to 25.4mm), one system covers the majority of a product line with minimal time required for product changeover.

Available pipe measurements, including Min, Max, and Average Wall, Ovality, and Concentricity provides immediate critical measurements in real time.

Use with an OD gauge to give you in-line ID/OD/Wall.

Trending, advanced SPC, histograms and x-bar/range charts for process improvement and documenting product quality.

Low cost, standard Ethernet connection to host.

Encoder input provides accurate correlation of product dimensions with length.

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