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Total Vu™ HMI - Max/Min

For measurement of non-round profiles or products where dimensional characteristics are designed to vary, this Total Vu module reliably and consistently delivers the measurements that matter.

The Max/Min module also measures specific part attributes such as maximum diameter and groove depth on discrete product samples.

Corrugated Tubing

Measure Corrugated Products

For corrugated products such as gas line for residential or commercial construction, the Max/Min module identifies peak (maximum) and valley (minimum) diameters. Add encoder input and the system provides the ability to also measure peaks-per-foot and pitch (the distance between consecutive peaks or valleys).

Measure Stranded Products

For stranded products such as stranded wire and wire rope, the Max/Min module measures enveloping diameter, the diameter of the smallest circle that fits around the product, even when the number of strands in the outer layer is odd.

Find Largest and Smallest Measurement

For general gauging applications, the module simply finds and reports the maximum and minimum measurement values over user-defined intervals.

When used with the Profile Vu-R™ add-on, the Max/Min module measures width, thickness, height or other product features even when the orientation of the product is not known or cannot be controlled.

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