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LaserLinc, Inc.: precision, non-contact, measurement and control solutions for wire, cable, hose, tube, pipe, and other products in medical, automotive, aerospace, energy, metrology and other industries

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LaserLinc’s gauging and interface products reduce material usage, increase production efficiency, reduce scrap, improve your process and product quality, and document product quality.

Our products are designed by LaserLinc employees at our Fairborn, Ohio office and made in the U.S.A. They are tested and certified to European and North American safety standards including CE, UL, and CSA.

Laser Micrometers

Laser Micrometers

LaserLinc offers 16 different models of scanning laser micrometers for precise, non-contact measurement of outside diameter and ovality, also called roundness or eccentricity Ovality
Eccentricity is sometimes used as a measure of the degree to which two forms share a common center, as in an insulated wire where the core (the wire) and the outer insulation do not share the same center. However, LaserLinc uses these terms to refer to a measure of how well the measured product conforms to a circle. LaserLinc uses the term concentricity as a measure of the degree to which two forms share a common center.
. Applications for these micrometers are varied. Examples are continuously extruded plastic and rubber products such as insulated wire, cable, hose, pipe, monofilament, and medical tubing. Additional examples include optical fiber, glass rod and tube, synthetic cork for wine bottles, drawn wire, tube, bar, and other metal profiles.



Ultrasonic Wall Measurement

LaserLinc offers ultrasonic devices for measuring wall thickness or layer thickness of plastic, rubber, glass, and metal products like tubing, hose, pipe, insulated wire, and cable.


Total Vu HMI

Gauge Interfaces

The Total Vu™ Human Machine Interface (HMI)/Man Machine Interface (MMI) is a full-featured graphical user interface and suite of monitoring and control functions.

The SmartLinc™ processor is an intelligent gauging interface for PLCs and other devices using industrial protocols.