Warranty and Service


Warranty and Service Offering

Our quality inspection and control products are a key component of your manufacturing process. LaserLinc’s warranty and service policies are based on our understanding of that fact. Whether it is our live technical support (including interactive internet-based support) or a “spare-in-the-air” replacement in the event there is a failure under warranty, LaserLinc is committed to being a reliable business partner. Following is a summary of LaserLinc’s typical warranty and service offerings.

Warranty Highlights

  • The warranty period is typically four years, while ultrasonic transducers are covered for one year
  • Warranty coverage includes parts and labor
  • Damage resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, modification, or similar causes is not covered
  • The warranty period for any product commences 3 days after the shipping date.

Below is a summary of the typical warranty period for different product categories:

Product Category

Warranty Period

Laser Micrometers and Accessories4 Years
UltraGauge+™ Products (except transducers)4 Years
UltraGauge+ Transducers1 Year
(SmartLinc™, μLinc™, NetLinc™, TLAser400™ Card)
4 Years
Custom-engineered products
Pass-through products (e.g. PCs and monitors)
Per contract

Spare-in-the-Air Replacement

If your production line is down for any unscheduled maintenance, it costs you money. If the reason is due to LaserLinc equipment, we want to get your line running again as quickly as possible!

For products under warranty, LaserLinc makes our best effort to deliver replacement equipment the next business day so that you get your line running, fast. (See your warranty statement or service contract for complete details.)

Spare-in-the-air replacement is not available in all locations.


Interactive Support Via the Internet

Internet-based support is provided by an application on the host PC that you execute when you want interactive technical support. The Quick Support application allows you to grant system access to an authorized LaserLinc staff member via an internet connection. With Quick Support, our support staff can operate the host PC remotely via keystrokes and mouse control as well as see what is displayed on the remote PC. The tool provides a variety of ways to communicate with you including audio, video, and chat.

Quick Support facilitates quick problem resolution, fast answers to questions, and on-demand help with configuration and training.

Note: the information on this page is provided for preliminary purposes only and does not constitute an offer nor a statement of warranty. The actual terms of your warranty and service contract will govern our relationship.

Service Contracts

A service contract offers you predictable costs and guaranteed turn-around times on repairs to covered equipment. LaserLinc offers three standard levels of service contracts: Platinum, Gold, and Bronze.

Platinum Service
  • Spare-in-the-Air: best efforts to provide equipment on loan the next business day (sufficient notification is required, generally by 3PM Eastern Time)
  • Ten business days or better turn-around of original equipment; two business days if spare-in-the-air is not provided
  • Ground service return shipping of original equipment; overnight return shipping available if spare-in-the-air is not provided
Gold Service
  • Two business days or better turn-around of original equipment
  • Ground service return shipping
Bronze Service
  • Ten business days or better turn-around of original equipment
  • Ground service return shipping of original equipment

Contact us for a service contract quote on your equipment.


Please be sure your company name, contact name, and the supplied RMA number are clearly visible on the outside of the package or on the shipping label.