LaserLinc offers a range of optional accessories to help you get the most out of your laser micrometers. These accessories simplify installation and use, optimize performance, and extend the operating life of your micrometer.

We offer a comprehensive range of fixtures for our laser micrometer line, including:

Air Purge Systems: 

Pressurized air purge systems use clean, dry air to keep contaminants away from your micrometer’s measurement field and window glass.


Rugged adjustable height stands make it easy to position and secure your laser micrometer at the right height for your production line.


While all of our laser micrometers use standard power and communication cables and connectors, we also stock specialty cables for encoder interfacing and other inputs. These cables are available in a range of standard lengths and connectors or can be custom ordered to meet specific needs.

V-Blocks and Through-hole Guides:

These benchtop accessories allow operators to consistently position product samples for accurate inspection. Through-hole guides can be mounted to a V-block for measuring the full length of products such as catheters, guidewires and others.

Calibration Kits:

LaserLinc’s easy-to-use calibration kits mount directly to the micrometer to ensure proper alignment of the calibration standards to the micrometer’s field of view. These kits come with a minimum of two certified NIST traceable standards.

Roller Guides:

Roller guides ensure proper alignment of your product with the laser micrometer for accurate measurement. A variety of designs are available with different roller shapes, materials, and configurations.

Window Guards:

When mounted to the laser micrometer, window guards protect the glass windows from being scratched, cracked, or contaminated. 

In addition to our standard accessories, we also design and manufacture custom accessories to meet specific requirements.