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The Multi-Strand software option for the Total Vu HMI enables you to simultaneously measure diameter and ovality across a variable number of continuous strands with 100% length inspection and flaw detection.

FlawSense - Surface flaw detection

Detect slits, cracks, pits, bumps, blisters, lumps, scratches, neckdowns, streaks, wrinkles, and braid breaks in your production process while using 360° orientation-independent flaw detection.


Complete, accurate dimensional inspection with rapid data collection and tolerance verification. Ideal for catheters, guidewires, medical tubes, and other cylindrical products.

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Using laser and ultrasonic-based technologies, LaserLinc helps you solve your in-process and off-line non-contact measurement and process visualization needs through innovative products, software expertise, and deep application knowledge.

Off-Line Measurement Solutions


LaserLinc offers a range of off-line measurement solutions for accurate and efficient product quality verification. Explore our innovative products and software solutions that accurately measure diameter, ovality, wall thickness, inside diameter, concentricity, feature length, tapers, and dimensional defects.

FlawSense featured in Wire & Cable Technology International

LaserLinc announces its new high-speed, online inspection and measurement system, FlawSense. It’s ideal for manufacturers of high-specification tube, pipe and wire and cable.

Case Studies/Customer Stories

Case Study

Automating Surface Flaw Detection
Delivers Significant Value

Industrial Hose Manufacturer Automates Surface Flaw Detection and Realizes Significant Value.

The company required a system to deliver accuracy better than + /-0.001 in. LaserLinc’s FlawSense surface defect detection system automated their process, delivered process efficiency, and improved product quality.



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Metron off-line measurement for catheters, guidewires, medical tubes.

The Metron is LaserLinc’s premier off-line measurement system for long and thin parts. Metron provides complete, accurate dimensional inspection, as well as rapid data collection and tolerance verification. Outer diameter part measurement from 0.004” to 1.15” (0.10 mm to 29.2 mm).

White Papers

Closing the Loop Between In-process and Offline Measurements of Flexible Medical Tubing Products for Compliance Validation

Demand for medical device consumables, such as tubing, is increasing, creating production challenges for manufacturers. One critical challenge is how to accurately measure flexible products for compliance validation without sacrificing production speeds.



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