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Add-on: Profile Vu-R™ for In-Process Inspection of Non-Round Profiles

Accurate measurement of non-round profiles requires orienting the laser micrometer properly relative to the product. If product orientation cannot be maintained, the Profile Vu-R™ add-on alternately rotates the micrometer clockwise and counter-clockwise to guarantee that the correct dimension(s) are seen in each direction.

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On products such as flat wire, sector cable, automotive belts, and optical fiber for vision applications, the Profile Vu™ add-on is the safe and easy option to ensure accurate in-process measurement.

A manually operated version of the fixture is also available


Minimize Cycle Time

Angle and speed of rotation are controlled by Total Vu software to allow optimization of cycle time.

If you are looking for two dimensions or if cycle time is important, then a two-axis micrometer is a good choice. If you require the best possible cycle time or you are looking for more than two dimensions, consider a Triton™-series micrometer or even two micrometers. Consult a LaserLinc applications expert for help to identify your best option.

Max/Min Module

The Max/Min option for Total Vu software is included with the Profile Vu-R add-on. This software filters measurements from the micrometer to identify the correct product dimensions, for example width and thickness.

Bonus: Identify Product Orientation

The Profile Vu-R fixture has an angular encoder so that the angle at which the dimension(s) of interest were captured is reported. This angle can be a critical process measurement. For example, controlling twist in drawing irregularly shaped optical fiber.