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Total Vu™ HMI - Customizable Displays

LaserLinc’s Total Vu™ HMI has customizable buttons and displays. With these, you can set up a LaserLinc system to appear and operate exactly the way you want.

Standard displays are included with each system for common applications. When your team of operators, engineers, supervisors, and managers sees opportunity for improving the effectiveness of the system, changes are easily made:

Buttons Make It Happen

Users press buttons on the display to make things happen, such as: toggle data collection, switch the display, load a recipe, manage alarms, jog line speed, and trigger reports. These are just a few of the hundreds of predefined functions available. They have been developed over nearly 20 years of applications experience solving problems and accomplishing tasks commonly encountered in industries like yours.

Macros Make It Really Simple

Predefined functions (introduced above) can also be dragged and dropped into user-defined functions, called macros. Suddenly, a single button press can make a long list of things happen! For example: accept entry of customer, material, and job ID, clear data, set closed loop control to manual mode, start data logging, start SPC, enable flaw detection, enable alarms, and initialize the display. You can even change the properties—caption, color, and function—of the same button to execute a different macro the next time it is pressed, for example, to end the job.

A System Designed by You, for You

With customizable buttons and displays, one or more monitors, including touch-screens if desired, you can adapt the look and operation of your Total Vu HMI to conform to the way you run your process. And you can do it without custom engineering charges, PLC programming, or building an HMI and back-end logic as would be required with tools like WonderWare® and RSView®.

Contact us to have an applications expert show you a system that perfectly matches your needs.

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