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SmartLinc™ Processor

SmartLinc Processor

SmartLinc Exec Software

SmartLinc Exec Software


Scanning laser micrometers

Product safety standards (e.g. CE, UL)

The SmartLinc™ processor is a robust, reliable, platform for delivering fast, accurate measurements of product diameter, ovality, and other values directly to your line control system using standard industrial protocols such as EtherNet/IP.

Easy Integration with PLCs and HMIs

Integration with your PLC, HMI/MMI, or other EtherNet/IP-enabled device is easy. Simply create global tags for the configuration and/or data you want to transfer, then link those tag names with SmartLinc items. The SmartLinc processor does the rest. The SmartLinc device initiates and manages all communications between itself and the PLC, so your PLC programmer doesn’t have to.

If all you need are measurement and status data, the processor can stream user-selected information via Ethernet UDP or RS232. Specify the formatting of ASCII data to make interpretation simple on your device.

Beyond Measurements

For those who need more than just a smart sensor, the SmartLinc platform offers additional quality inspection and data processing, built-in, and standard. Save engineering development time and reduce complexity in your line controller by allowing the SmartLinc processor to manipulate data from the laser micrometers in your process.

Added Functions

Choose the SmartLinc Model to Fit Your Application

The system consists of a SmartLinc processor, one or more LaserLinc scanning laser micrometers, and required cables. A single SmartLinc-3 unit provides a communications link for one, two, or three of LaserLinc’s full line of single-, dual-, and triple-axis laser scanning micrometers. A second model, the SmartLinc-8, provides communications for up to eight micrometers, lowering the per-micrometer cost significantly.

Measure Diameter and Ovality, Opaque or Clear

Measure part diameter and position in each axis, average diameter with multi-axis micrometers, and accurate ovality Ovality
Eccentricity is sometimes used as a measure of the degree to which two forms share a common center, as in an insulated wire where the core (the wire) and the outer insulation do not share the same center. However, LaserLinc uses these terms to refer to a measure of how well the measured product conforms to a circle. LaserLinc uses the term concentricity as a measure of the degree to which two forms share a common center.
with the Triton™ line of triple-axis micrometers. Measure transparent, translucent, or opaque products with any micrometer by turning on the glass logic Glass Logic
Glass Logic uses specially designed hardware and software to properly measure objects even when laser light bleeds through them. Without this logic, unexpected bleed-thru would be treated as extra parts or debris in the measurement field and prevent a measurement from being made. This feature is included at no cost with all LaserLinc interfaces.
feature, included at no extra cost.

Lights Out Operation

By design, the SmartLinc processor is secure from unintended configuration changes. Operators do not interact with the unit, therefore no operator training is required. There’s no need for ongoing monitoring either; once configured and integrated, the SmartLinc processor operates unattended.

SmartLinc Exec Software for Windows®

The SmartLinc processor system includes SmartLinc Exec™ software for Windows®. With SmartLinc Exec software you can remotely configure and monitor all network accessible SmartLinc devices from a single host PC or laptop. This tool provides:

SmartLinc Exec software is easy-to-use and enables you to access and manage all SmartLinc devices over the plant network, or by Ethernet cable-connection directly from a laptop. Furthermore, there is no hunting for dongles or managing registrations, because you can install it as many times on as many PCs as desired.

Each processor has a separate Ethernet TCP/IP port for communication with a host PC. The port is independent of the industrial protocol port, so the line control network remains isolated even when SmartLinc Exec software is in use.

Once the device or devices are operational, SmartLinc Exec software and the host PC are no longer needed and can be disconnected from the system for unattended operation.

To run SmartLinc Exec software, you will need Windows XP® w/SP3 or Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit versions), 50MB hard drive space, RAM sufficient for the operating system, keyboard and mouse (or equivalent input devices, e.g. touch screen), and video card and monitor capable of 1024x768 resolution. A network adapter is required to interact with SmartLinc devices but not to manipulate programs locally.

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