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LaserLinc, Inc.: precision, non-contact, measurement and control solutions for wire, cable, hose, tube, pipe, and other products in medical, automotive, aerospace, energy, metrology and other industries

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Our Total Vu™ platform has optional interfaces to other measurement devices:

  • the TLAser400™ interface supports most scanning laser micrometers on the market
  • analog input from analog sensors and transducers
  • serial and Modbus input from smart sensors
  • manual/keyboard input
  • Open Productivity & Connectivity (OPC®) for obtaining data from PLCs and factory automation software

Precision measurement is LaserLinc’s business. Our laser- and ultrasonic-based technologies provide non-contact, accurate measurements. A partial list includes outside diameter (OD), ovality (roundness/eccentricity), wall thickness (coating thickness/material thickness), concentricity, and inside diameter (ID)

To learn more about the operating principles of scanning laser micrometers and ultrasonic material thickness measurement, visit these pages or contact us:

See below for illustrations of measurements offered using our equipment.

Click on any item in the list below to see an illustration of the selected measurement type.

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