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Industry: Metrology/Inspection

For discrete sample inspection and metrology applications, measurement accuracy, ease of use, computerized data management and reporting, and often, minimal cycle time are important.

Whether you need a system dedicated to repeatedly inspecting samples of a single part design or a flexible system capable of inspecting different parts with simple-to-complex profiles, LaserLinc has a suite of products ideally suited to meet your needs.

Highlights of Solutions for Metrology and Sample Inspection


LaserLinc designs measurement equipment for optimal performance, for any application in any industry. Because of that philosophy, and non-contact technology, LaserLinc’s measurement equipment is well suited to off-line sample inspection and metrology applications where the demand for measurement accuracy is often highest.

Optimum accuracy is assured when our scanning laser micrometers and ultrasonic devices are accompanied by proper part holding fixtures. Proper fixtures ensure consistent part placement and orientation for better gage R&R. LaserLinc offers standard fixtures and design-build service for special requirements.

Measurement error is reduced since the operator is not directly involved in positioning the part, manipulating the measurement device, or reading and/or recording the result.

Ease of Use

LaserLinc’s benchtop systems are easy for operators to learn and run. Part holding fixtures, including motion-controlled fixtures, and fast, non-contact measurement make it easy for operators to complete each sample inspection cycle.

Total Vu™ software does the rest. Configurable displays deliver a concise interface tailored to the operator. Go/no-go results are color-coded, data is automatically recorded, and reports automatically generated, alleviating mundane tasks. Sorting can be automated with output relays.


Scanning laser micrometers measure more than just a simple diameter. Here are a few other characteristics they also measure:

See the Measurements page for illustrations.

Add an ultrasonic device for material thickness, concentricity, and inside diameter measurement.

Off-the-Shelf Tools Offer Design Flexibility and Low-Cost Solutions

Benchtop inspection systems vary greatly because the range of products to inspect varies greatly. Despite this challenge, LaserLinc’s measurement devices—scanning laser micrometers and ultrasonic wall thickness sensors—with Total Vu software offer considerable flexibility. Low cost is achieved by combining these standard products, especially Total Vu software, its configurable displays, and reports from Excel® templates, with a part holding fixture.

Take a look at some of our BenchLinc™ products and Profile Vu™ systems, Profile Vu-L™ and Profile Vu-R™, as they will introduce you to a range of readily available options.

Because there are so many possibilities, you may not see an obvious solution for inspecting your specific product in our on-line portfolio. However, contact us to discuss your specific needs. We will help you determine whether an off-the-shelf solution is available or if a customized approach is best.

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