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Multi-Strand Measurement & Control

multi-strand measurement


Total Vu HMI/MMI

SmartLinc processor

If your manufacturing process is set up to make multiple products in parallel, LaserLinc’s Multi-Strand measurement option is ideal for you. Some common examples include: magnet wire, galvanized wire, and monofilament products such as fishing line, filter material, and medical sutures.

The Multi-Strand option offers 100% inspection of a virtually unlimited number of strands. Measure diameter, detect flaws, and perform statistical analysis, simultaneously, on all strands for a complete view of product quality.

Often, it is not feasible to measure all strands with one micrometer. This is not an issue as LaserLinc’s method can utilize multiple micrometers, even eight or more depending on the processor platform.

Broken Strands

A key feature of the system is the ability to identify missing strands while continuing to measure those that remain. This ensures the integrity of data for each strand: measurements of one strand are never mixed or confused with those of another strand.

Automatic Control

With the Total Vu™ platform, the size of each strand can be independently and automatically controlled. LaserLinc has commissioned Total Vu systems that monitor each extrudate and control dozens of independent line speed or pressure parameters for multi-die extrusion lines.