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Total Vu HMI

September 2016 - EtherNet Interface for Digital I/O (Back to Top)

LaserLinc, Inc., introduces Net I/O for 100% Ethernet-based users of Total Vu™ HMI (monitoring and control software). The add-on provides isolated switch inputs, Form C relay outputs, encoder input, and precision timer-controlled Form A relay outputs.


July 2016 - Measure Diameter up to 9 Inches [231 mm] (Back to Top)

LaserLinc, Inc. is pleased to introduce the TLAser1240™ scanning laser micrometer, a new single-axis diameter gauge for the inspection of large products, quickly and accurately without contact. Designed for these industries: metal, glass, wire and cable, plastics and rubber extrusion. Click here for more info.

Total Vu HMI

April 2016 - Total Vu HMI Version 6! (Back to Top)

LaserLinc, Inc., a USA manufacturer of precision measurement equipment, is pleased to announce its latest release of its flagship Total Vu™ HMI software. The Total Vu HMI hosts LaserLinc's line of laser micrometers and ultrasonic devices. The latest release provides the flexibility to make the optimal solution for in-process measurement and control, or inspection applications.


February 2016 - Measure Diameter down to .0006 Inches [15um] (Back to Top)

LaserLinc Inc., a USA manufacturer of technology for precision measurement, introduced TLAser103™ scanning laser micrometer – a new single-axis laser gauge for the inspection of small diameters – quickly and accurately. Click here for more information.