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Medical Tubing




PDF: OD-ID-Wall measurement solutions

Scanning laser micrometers for diameter and ovality measurement

Ultrasonic devices for wall thickness, concentricity, and inside diameter measurement

Total Vu™ HMI for complete data acquisition, closed-loop control, and reporting

SmartLinc™ processors for interfacing laser micrometers using industrial protocols such as EtherNet/IP

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Concentricity or Eccentricity?

Concentricity is the term typically used to describe the degree to which two forms share a common center, as in the outer and inner surface of a tube or pipe. However, in the wire and cable industry, eccentricity is used to describe the degree to which the outer insulation and the core (the wire or cable) share the same center. LaserLinc products and documentation use the term eccentricity to describe the degree to which product shape approaches a circle.

Some example products:

All of the above are examples of products involving extruded plastic or rubber. In-process measurement offers the most efficient means of quality control in continuous extrusion processes. Material savings can also be achieved through scrap reduction, minimizing the volume of material applied, and faster startup.

Due to high production speeds and malleable, easily damaged materials, LaserLinc’s non-contact scanning laser micrometers and ultrasonic devices are an ideal fit for continuous monitoring of products like those listed. Our devices measure outside diameter, wall thickness, concentricity, eccentricity, ovality, and inside diameter with the precision necessary to ensure you meet engineering specifications.

Whether you are facing challenges such as tight tolerances for an automotive market, demanding quality controls for regulated products such as those used in medical devices, or decreasing margins in commoditized markets, LaserLinc offers the tools to overcome them.

Service and Support

As our products are often a critical piece of the production process, LaserLinc provides the service and support you expect in those circumstances. Our processor products, laser micrometers, and ultrasonic-based devices, with the exception of transducers, are covered by a four-year warranty.  (Ultrasonic transducers have a one-year warranty.)  Visit the Warranty and Service page for details, including LaserLinc’s “spare-in-the-air” replacement offer and no charge [to the original purchaser] support via phone, email, and internet.