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TLAser222™ Specifications and Drawings

Measurement Range
.003" – .85" [.076mm – 21.6mm]
Axes of measurement
Gate Size
.91˝ [23.1mm]
Measurements per second1
800 [400 per axis]
.000001˝ [.025µm]
Single Scan
±.0001˝ [±2.5µm]
Two Second
±.000005˝ [±.125µm]
Positional Error3
±.0001˝ [±2.5µm]
Approx. Dimensions
[H x W x D]
4.5" x 8.5" x 1.25" [115mm x 216mm x 32mm]
Light Source
Visible red laser diode, Laser Class II, 675nm wavelength [nominal], < 1.0 mW
Approx. Weight
2.8lbs [1.3kg]
Power requirements
+12VDC 125mA, +5VDC 75mA, –5VDC 50mA
Provided by host PC or external NetLinc
Standard lengths: 5, 10, 25, 50 , 75, and 100 feet [1.5, 3, 7.6, 15.2, 22.9, and 30.5 m]
Custom lengths, connectors, cable construction, etc., quoted on request
Gauge Interface Options
Four years, parts and labor. Read more here

1Measurement rate is the number of times per second each measurement field (or axis) is scanned (shown in square brackets). The value specified is the aggregate measurement rate for all axes.

2Repeatability applies to parts 0.8" [20.4mm] and under.

3Positional error applies to center 0.79" [20.3mm].

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