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Total Vu™ HMI

The Total Vu Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a scalable platform that provides tools and information needed for every stakeholder:

If you will be using Total Vu software for inspection or metrology, then visit this page to learn how Total Vu software adapts to your unique application.

Learn more about specific Total Vu software capabilities by following the links below:

More Total Vu Benefits for Stakeholders

Benefits for Operators

Adoption by operators is critical to achieving your goals with any production system. The Total Vu HMI is embraced by operators for the following reasons:

Benefits for Engineers

Operator ease of use is necessary but the system must also deliver data and results for process and quality engineers:

Benefits for Managers and Supervisors

You are held accountable for achieving business objectives. LaserLinc’s Total Vu solution paves the way:

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1Applies only to systems purchased with LaserLinc laser micrometers or LaserLinc ultrasonic devices, and only to the original purchaser of the equipment. LaserLinc reserves the right to charge for specific services such as but not limited to installation, training, on-site service, and system upgrades. For more information about LaserLinc's Warranty and Service policies, visit this page.

2For internet-based support, the user is responsible for providing internet access to the Total Vu host PC. For more information about LaserLinc's Warranty and Service policies, visit this page.