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Total Vu™ HMI - Electronic Audit Trail

An audit trail provides a complete history of dimensional characteristics, and for production applications, process conditions as well. If you have a process analysis or improvement project, are a supplier to the automotive industry, or you produce critical products such as those that affect human health, complete process and product monitoring is important.

All of the information and data sources described below form a complete picture of the product and the process—an audit trail—from which stakeholders can draw important conclusions and devise corrective actions.

And all of the information is stored electronically—no more handwritten logs that are error prone and too time-consuming to use effectively.

Data Sources

LaserLinc’s Total Vu platform supports the collection of data from our non-contact measurement devices (scanning laser micrometers and ultrasonic material thickness), but it also can be used to acquire data from:

In addition to these sources of data, other notable tools include: Process Tracker™, Attributes, and Event Characterization.

Process™ Tracker Event Reporting

Process Tracker™ captures event information such as spool changes, operator notes, recipe changes, material changes, closed-loop control actions, and more. Each event is time, date, and length stamped (requires Encoder input). Data is stored in comma separated values (CSV) format so that it is easily imported into other software tools.

Event Characterization

At rates up to 12,000 Hz, it is impractical to continually capture high-speed data to disk. However, this high-speed data provides inspection resolution capable of revealing process and product details that would otherwise go unnoticed.

The Event Characterization module of Total Vu software limits high-speed data capture to events of interest, such as around an out-of-tolerance measurement, or a trigger from an external device such as a flaw detector or spark tester.

All of the data from just before, during, and just after each event is stored in one file and a separate file is created for each event. You only keep the data that matters, making it easy to analyze post-process.


To complete the audit trail, it is important to gather contextual information about the run, and other process or product information not captured by other means. An Attribute value can come from a barcode reader, operator input or selection, MES and ERP system, OPC, or other source. Attribute values can be logged alongside other product and process measurements.

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