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Total Vu™ HMI - Control

Closed-Loop Control

Closed-loop control takes continuous in-process monitoring to the next level by analyzing real-time measurement data and automatically adjusting a process variable to keep your product within specifications, reducing scrap, improving product quality, and saving money.

Profit Maximizer

In some processes, additional savings can be had without compromising product quality by optimizing material usage (typical in extrusion) or process efficiency. The Profit Maximizer™ feature of Total Vu™ software compares process capability with product specifications and automatically optimizes the process in real-time to balance material usage (such as minimum wire insulation thickness) and quality. Best of all, you control the relative importance of these two opposing needs with just one parameter.

Controlled Parameters

In typical extrusion operations you can control line speed, air or vacuum pressure, or extruder RPM. Other examples include roll-stand position in flat-wire or other forming operations and grinding wheel position in centerless grinding applications.

Process parameters may be controlled through a variety of interfaces:

Advanced Capabilities

Several optional features of the Total Vu control module are available to optimize process performance, product quality, and profitability. You have already read about Profit Maximizer above.

In extrusion applications, Shrinkage Compensation provides an optimal control response while assuring the finished product is within specification. Monitoring product dimensions as close to the extruder as possible shortens the control response significantly while gauging at the end of the line monitors finished product dimensions. Shrinkage Compensation automatically adjusts the upstream setpoint so that after shrinkage, the product is the right size.

Other adaptive features optimize performance of the control function to minimize process drift and the frequency of control changes.

For hose and tube applications, the Total Vu control module can manage two process parameters simultaneously (e.g. line speed and air or vacuum pressure) to maintain OD, ID, and wall dimensions.

Control in Multi-Strand Applications

LaserLinc has commissioned Total Vu systems that monitor each extrudate and control dozens of independent line speed or pressure parameters for multi-die extrusion lines. If your process involves multi-die extrusion, contact LaserLinc for this unique capability. (See the Multi-Strand application page.)

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