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Total Vu™ HMI - Open Productivity and Connectivity (OPC) Client & Server Software

LaserLinc understands that our products must work in a diverse manufacturing environment. Today, information flows from the front-office down to the manufacturing floor, and vice-versa. Information also must be shared amongst devices and software applications on the same production line. OPC is one of the most powerful and flexible ways to meet this need.

The OPC module for Total Vu software makes Total Vu configuration settings, status, and measurement data accessible to other devices and applications. OPC allows other systems to trigger or automate virtually any action within the Total Vu HMI.

Since the Total Vu platform acts as both an OPC Client and an OPC Server, information can be easily acquired from or sent to other OPC-compliant platforms for a fully integrated and connected plant floor.

OPC is also one of the many ways in which a Total Vu system can gather process data and product measurement characteristics as part of building an audit trail.

To learn more about the OPC standard, visit the OPC Foundation website:

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