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Total Vu™ HMI - Excel®-based Reports

Total Vu software is a powerful tool for gathering real-time data about the product and the process. An equally powerful tool is needed to document the results: Excel®-based reporting is that tool.

Excel-based reports give you control over the information to include, the look of the report, whether to save the report electronically, print it, or both. Automate post-processing of data collected through the Total Vu HMI by using formulas or Excel macros embedded in the template. Satisfy any reporting need with this option.

The process is simple:

More Advantages

Use any printer supported by Windows®, including label printers!

Generate multiple report types simply by using multiple templates!

Save the new Excel workbooks using automatic file naming and optional password protection—requires no operator involvement. Reprint reports at any time in the future. With data in a common electronic format—an Excel workbook—actual data can be accessed easily and post-processed.

Excel-based reporting straight from the Total Vu HMI is simply the best way to document your manufacturing results.

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