LaserLinc’s Total Vu™ Software Revolutionizes Wire and Cable Manufacturing

Fairborn, OH – LaserLinc, a leader in open and scalable measurement and process control solutions that adapt to the way you work, is transforming wire and cable (W&C) manufacturing with its innovative Total Vu™ process visualization platform.


Recognizing a significant challenge faced by the W&C industry—diverse mixed-vendor equipment on production lines—Total Vu emerges as a game-changer with its open-architecture platform. It not only interfaces with LaserLinc’s measurement systems but also connects seamlessly with a wide range of sensors from other vendors, offering a complete process visualization and control solution.


Total Vu connects to each piece of equipment, unifying data streams and providing a centralized hub for real-time readouts, equipment monitoring, data collection, statistical process control (SPC), trending, tolerance checking, alarming, feedback control, and more. Manufacturers can quickly detect and correct production issues, reducing waste and improving product quality and yield.


Stuart Manser, Chief Revenue Officer at LaserLinc, commented on the transformative impact of Total Vu, stating, “In the dynamic wire and cable industry, production lines often feature a wide array of equipment, ranging from decades-old preheaters to vintage spark testers, and an assortment of varying micrometers, among other sensors. These disparate devices, sourced from different vendors and with diverse interfaces, present a complex scenario for manufacturers when it comes to process monitoring, visualization, and control. Total Vu supports all of LaserLinc’s measurement technologies, and its open-architecture platform connects to many other devices for a complete process visualization solution, providing maximum flexibility.”


Beyond its capability to harmonize diverse equipment, Total Vu positions itself at the forefront of Industry 4.0 optimization. The software facilitates intelligent decision-making and empowers manufacturers to leverage data-driven insights for enhanced operational efficiency.


LaserLinc invites W&C manufacturers to explore the possibilities of Total Vu software, revolutionizing their operations and positioning them for sustained success in the ever-evolving manufacturing sector.


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