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BenchLinc™ Discrete Sample Inspection

In addition to typical in-process, continuous measurement applications, LaserLinc’s non-contact measurement equipment is well suited to off-line sample inspection. Non-contact measurement ensures accuracy and computerized operation makes the operator’s job easy. BenchLinc™ systems for off-line inspection are also available in a Pro version (see below).

Benchtop inspection systems vary greatly. Contact us to discuss your specific needs. We will help you determine whether an off-the-shelf solution is available from within our library of designs, or if a customized approach is best.

BenchLinc System Highlights

Simple, But Effective and Accurate

At the simple end of the spectrum, BenchLinc systems are comprised of a scanning laser micrometer, a PC with Total Vu software, and a V-block for holding the product to inspect. Simply lay the part in the V-block and the system will measure it consistently, accurately, and quickly. V-blocks are available in a variety of configurations.

Zero Chuck

Automate Inspection

Measuring products like camshafts and catheters can be automated using our Profile Vu-L™ product. Less operator error, better gage R&R, and shorter inspection times are just a few of the advantages a Profile Vu™ system offers. Read more here.

360º of Inspection

LaserLinc’s spring-loaded zero chucks hold a product sample and rotate it automatically for complete inspection of the product’s profile. A user-defined inspection profile controls rotation of the sample and the frequency of measurement.

The maximum, minimum, range, average, and standard deviation statistics are automatically computed for each sample inspected. Part acceptance can be based on an individual measurement, any of these summary statistics, or a combination thereof.

Zero chucks are available in 0.125in [3.17mm] and 0.5in [12.7mm] sizes, to measure up to 0.125 inch and 0.5 inch diameter products respectively.

Inspect Tubing Diameter and Wall Thickness Off-Line

Just as with our scanning laser micrometers, the UltraGauge+™ device can be used to add wall thickness measurement to off-line inspection systems. As an example, see our BenchLinc system for inspecting cut-to-length metal tubing.

BenchLinc Pro Adds Value

Order your BenchLinc system with Pro software and receive these additional benefits:

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