Sensor Assemblies

Sensor Assemblies

LaserLinc’s line of UltraGauge+™ sensor assemblies provide continuous wall thickness measurement for round products such as medical tubing, insulated wire and cable, hose, pipe, and metal and glass tubing.

LaserLinc’s standard UltraGauge+ sensor assemblies typically include 4 or 8 transducers and are arranged in a circular pattern. They are available in a variety of standard configurations, or we can manufacture custom configurations for particular application requirements.

To optomize consistent and precise wall thickness measurement, transducers must be aligned with the product being measured. Typical LaserLinc fixtures include linear adjustments in vertical and horizontal axes. With adjustable fixtures, the ultrasonic sensor assembly can be moved to the product location rather than altering the path of the product and potentially affecting its shape or dimensions.

Our ultrasonic sensor assemblies:

  • Measure a range of wall thicknesses by configuring with selected transducer frequencies
  • Ensure accurate transducer-product alignment, reducing errors
  • Eliminate/purge air bubbles for reliable, continuous operation
  • Are simple to install and use, which saves operators time

Accessories and Custom Sensor Assemblies

If the product to be measured does not maintain stable positioning in the production process, various roller and cone guide accessories are available to stabilize the product for consistent measurement.

We’re so confident in our products that we guarantee every part we manufacture with an industry-leading four-year warranty.


These products are compatible with the Total Vu™ platform for complete product and process monitoring, reporting, and control.


We’re a 100% U.S. owned and operated company. We’re proud to design and build our products at our Fairborn, Ohio headquarters.


These products use a standard Ethernet connection to transfer data between the device and the host processor.


These products receive power over the same Ethernet connection used for communications, thereby eliminating the need for a separate power source, power cable, or conduit.