LaserLinc’s Multi-Strand Measurement System Takes the Guesswork Out of Measuring Stranded Products

LaserLinc to debut the Multi-Strand system at Interwire 2023

Fairborn, OH, April 27, 2023 – LaserLinc, a leading provider of open and scalable measurement and control solutions that adapt to the way you work, will be debuting its new Multi-Strand measurement system at the upcoming Interwire show in Atlanta (May 9 -11, 2023 / Booth #1604). This innovative technology is designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of measuring multi-stranded products. 

The Multi-Strand measurement system is a game changer for manufacturers who require precise, non-contact measurements of multiple, continuous strands. The system uses advanced multi-axis, laser technology to measure the diameter, ovality, and location of products across a variable number of strands with 100% length inspection and flaw detection. Measurement applications include wire, optical fiber, fishing line, medical sutures, tubes and other cylindrical products.

With LaserLinc’s Multi-Strand measurement system, manufacturers can bid farewell to the errors and inefficiencies associated with manual measurement methods or the hardware costs involving the use of multiple gauges to measure each strand. With its intuitive user interface and robust data management capabilities, the system provides real-time data analysis, allowing manufacturers to make informed decisions about their production processes. Each strand is uniquely identified by LaserLinc’s Total Vu software for data collection, control, and alarming of strand breaks. Total Vu profiles the location of each strand, allowing manufacturers to minimize product change-over time. Total Vu also provides Statistical Process Control and data logging with customizable reports. 

“At LaserLinc, we’re constantly innovating to develop products that help our customers improve accuracy, efficiency, and productivity in their manufacturing processes. Our Multi-Strand measurement system is a testament to that,” said Stuart Manser, Global Sales Director at LaserLinc. “With our cutting-edge technology, we’re proud to offer an innovative solution that advances our customers’ production processes. As a premier provider of open and scalable measurement and control solutions, we’re excited to continue leading the way in developing advanced technology that delivers real value to our customers.”

The Multi-Strand measurement system is easy to install and can be integrated seamlessly into existing production lines, making it a cost-effective solution for manufacturers of all sizes. 

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